Exhibiting Success: Act Now and Secure those BIG Juicy Sales

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Act Now and Secure those Big Juicy Sales

Are you ready to secure those big juicy sales? Yes? I thought so.

It’s here where all the hard work you’ve put into your Exhibit Plan come together. It’s where you turn those exhibition leads into big juicy sales with profitable results.

Do you know what the number one cause of exhibiting failure is? Well, it must be the lack of follow up after a show?

It’s a mystery to me, because your very valuable leads have a limited shelf life. Those leads will be the closest thing your business has, to signed orders and a BACS payment to your bank.

The effectiveness of the results you get here is totally dependent on how well you set your goals originally.

And, if you haven’t qualified the people you spoke to, the giver of the business card, or the taker of a brochure as a potential customer of yours, then every minute you spend following up could be wasted, and this could be another mistake.

Before you can even send your information package to close that BIG juicy sale you need to know… who’ll follow up those leads?

When will the follow up, process start? How will you follow up? What timescales are you working to? How will you monitor results? And what is it you’ll be monitoring?

Having an effective follow-up plan with structured emails, letters and contact with your leads, will help you create your SECOND first impression and achieve the return on investment you deserve.

If you do this you’ll have earned yourself a position, among the minority of exhibitors, who take the time to prepare an exhibit plan, one that’s focused on goals and objectives that provide profitable and measurable results.




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