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Stand Design and What to Avoid

Exhibiting Success: Stand Design and What to Avoid

By CaroleStacey on February 18, 2017 in Marketing and Sales

282 words | 1:30 mins Stand Design and What to Avoid Your stand design has one purpose, and one purpose only, to ATTRACT your IDEAL customers AND keep your products or services looking attractive. I know just how exciting designing a stand can be, and rushing straight in, without knowing what your goals are… is […]

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Category: Goal Setting and Strategy

They Kept On Walking…

By CaroleStacey on November 18, 2016 in Goal Setting and Strategy

Why do some visitors to shows just keep on walking…and walking right past your stand.  The stand that you’ve sweated and agonised over.  The stand that has always served you well in the past? They looked like a good match for your solution.  They wore a visitors badge and you ‘felt’ they looked like your […]

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Avoid these design mistakes

By CaroleStacey on November 23, 2014 in Stand Design

Are you worried that your exhibit space isn’t pulling in the crowds.  You’ve trained your team, your marketing materials are ready, your demonstration is perfect, yet the visitors don’t seem to be stopping? Could it be the stand design itself? Your stand design has so much more to do with your image and success than […]

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