Exhibiting Success: Ask the Right Questions

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The first mistake exhibitors make is not asking themselves the right questions.  Without asking the right questions how can you set goals and plan your strategy to turn exhibition selling into profitable results?

Questions like:

Why are you exhibiting? Who do you want to sell to? Are you at the right show, in the right place, at the right time AND will your ideal customers be there?

Not knowing the answers to these questions often means that despite your efforts, turning exhibition selling into profitable results – simply fails. There is no easy fix – you need to be VERY planned and organised when you sell at a show.  It’s really like a microcosm of all your marketing, held up for scrutiny for just a few hours or a few days.  Now you see it – now you don’t! Gone!

This means you really do have get a lot of your thinking right before you turn up – or you most definitely risk being one of those… shiny suited, clipboard clutching, business-cards-in-a-bowl-champagne-draw, same-as-everyone-else exhibitor who you invariable see at shows (you know, they’re the ones sat around catching up with Facebook, checking emails and using their mobile phones!)

You don’t want to be like that, do you? NO! NO! NO!

Like in all things marketing you must think VERY carefully about what questions to ask yourself to get the strategy right to turn exhibition selling into profitable results.

  1. WHO is going to be there … not vaguely but in some detail
  2. WHY are they going to be there? …again, think it through properly
  3. WHAT outcome are YOU looking for?… are you selling? Raising awareness? Or collecting data?
  4. WHAT is that you do, that’s so unique and compelling that they would want to talk to you? HOW can you really ‘scratch their itch’?
  5. HOW are you going to get that message across in a miniscule amount of time?
  6. And HOW are you going to stand out from the crowd and become that ‘go to’ person on the day…and after the show?


Remember, you have about THREE SECONDS to make an impression … and then they are gone. It’s all over. Finished and done.

Just think – if you can answer these key questions for a business or trade show, just think how you can apply that knowledge to the rest of your marketing.




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