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Follow Up LeadsThe information you gather from visitors is crucial for your sales team to do their job after the show. While most savvy business owners don’t question the importance of data collection, many fail to give this important element the attention and consideration that it requires to ensure it’s done properly.

Whilst using pen and paper notes to collect vital lead information is perfectly okay, there are always more hi-tech options available to you. When putting together your plan for gathering visitor data and information, consider streamlining your efforts and include:

  • Scanners
  • Tablets and iPads
  • Touch Screens
  • Smart Phone Apps

Follow Up is Crucial

Whatever method of data collection you chose, follow up is crucial.  In order to try maximise the benefits of your collected data, it’s crucial to follow up on every lead gathered.  Make sure the person tasked with following up knows they have been tasked with that job.  Also make sure they know the timescales you are working towards and ensure that they know of the reporting timescales necessary to monitor the progress of that lead.

Now it’s your turn…

What do you do to follow up on leads? Has it been successful?  Share what you’ve done with the Eventful Community.

Have an Eventful Show!


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