The Most Requested Product isThe Done-With-You Master Exhibit Plan

Introducing theThe Done-With-You Master Exhibit Plan

As your Expo Business Partner, we deliver end-to-end exhibit marketing projects that help the Trade Stand Manager prepare their Exhibit Plan. That begs the question “What is an Exhibit Plan”. There are two essential ingredients: the hardware, and the software.

The Hardware refers to the actual exhibit and materials – the physical means of creating the right image and attracting the right audience.

The software includes the planning and implementation of programmes required to facilitate face-to-face interaction.  To do the job well the exhibit manager will carefully orchestrate both elements into one harmonious package with one goal in mind – results.

Exhibit Management is a multi-tasker’s fantasy. We’ll help you juggle hundreds of bits and pieces making sure each interlocking piece carefully fits into another. The job is not as daunting as daunting as it first appears.

The Exhibit Master Plan is a methodical guide to creating an exhibit programme that produces results.

A quick glance at what’s insideThe Done-With-You Master Exhibit Plan

Setting up your Revenue Stream

This module is all about revenue – where you’ll make money. Planning what you’re selling and estimating a revenue stream will help you balance the books and get some money in the bank!  It puts you back in control of your business and frees you from the roller coaster ride of not knowing where the money is coming from or how long it might take to get it.

Removing the Fear of Escalating Costs

There is no mystique about controlling costs.  What can be daunting is not knowing exactly what costs will be incurred, how to get the best price or what you should and shouldn’t be paying for.  We’ll look at money you must spend, money you can largely choose to spend and money you end up spending – and what to do about the totally unforeseen costs that inevitably crop up.

Navigating your Route Map to Success

Planning the nitty-gritty of who does what, where and when is a must for exhibition success.  It’s also where you create your theme, plan a memorable experience for your customers, and clarify the purpose and intention of your stand. And, by the end of this module you’ll have a timeline to follow and never again be left overwhelmed by not knowing what comes next.

Presenting your Compelling Solution

Your stand has one purpose: to achieve your goals and keep your products/services looking neat and tidy.  It also has one function: to attract your ideal clients and customers.  In this module, we’ll explore how you can use every facet of your exhibition area, promotion or demonstration to inform, engage and stir genuine positive emotions that compel people to work with or buy from you.

The Power of Attraction

Clarity of message is much better than cleverness. When you understand the principles behind this step you will know how to engage with people, before, during and after your promotion. Say goodbye to those frustrating times when you know how badly a customer or client needs your help yet somehow you fail to communicate to them and they go elsewhere – or worse still, never get the solution or help they need.

People Make Your Dream a Reality

Without doubt the real heroes of any face-to-face promotion are the people who deliver it.  They play a vital role in making your dream a reality.  Knowing the ins-and-outs of what you sell is vital when answering questions about why someone should work with or buy from you.  This is where the Connect Quick structure will help you confidently guide a client from enquiry to delighted customer.

Simplifying Your Sales Process

90% of exhibitors fail to measure their performance against the objectives they set for the show. Without knowing how successful your ales conversions are how will you know if this promotion has been worthwhile? This module will help you devise a system for reviewing and measuring your success to enable you to plan future activities that attract a stream of people who want to buy from or with you.

By working with us, you will discover how to:

  • create a positive impact ensuring that your audience feel respected, instilling trust and confidence
  • instil trust and confidence while creating a pleasant atmosphere for communications.
  • build the bridge from your booth to your business plan and explain why this is important to your team
  • select the right people to represent you on the stand using our APPLE formula
  • develop a winning prospect engagement process
  • up-skill & inspire your team to understand & deliver high performance exhibiting
  • gather real time intelligence from your competitors and industry peers
  • stand out from the crowd without making an exhibition of yourself
  • attract qualified prospects using compelling messages, words and pictures
  • create clear guidelines on how to represent the corporate values and personality
  • ensure your team have the skills and knowledge to represent you as Brand Ambassadors

How It Works

Together we’ll take a bird’s eye view of the Master Plan identifying areas where you excel, the areas where you need support and focus on the content which brings the biggest impact on results.

The popular Expo Done-with-You Master Plan is where I share activity with you, I’ll oversee the preparation of your Exhibit Plan from inception to development and implementation.  I’ll also be on hand to cajole, encourage, advise and steer you, and to equip you with the key skills in areas where you need support.

On-Line Resources

You’ll have access to on-line templates, checklists and other resources to download whenever you want.


  • No you don’t have to follow the Master Plan step-by-step. We will focus on the areas that will bring the most benefit to your exhibit planning process.
  • Absolutely you can. If there is a subject matter or an area where you’d like to focus your attention that’s exactly what we’ll do.
  • During our first meeting and in the lead up to it, I will send you a couple of questionnaires. Your answers will identify the area and/or topic that needs development or new skills adding.
  • These questionnaires will guide discussions and help me create the specific content, that you need to grasp, to help your exhibit planning run smoothly.
  • That’s easy. We have a conversation and discuss all the options from TS Business Partner, TS Essentials and TS NOW!.
  • I send you a questionnaire and together we decide which combination suits you best.
  • I produce a quotation – one that will work towards the preparation of a exhibit plan.
  • You agree the quotation and we scope out the project that’s best suited to your trade show’s particular objectives and outcomes.

Yes, there are a few.

  • 1 day courses normally run from 9.30 am until 4.30 pm including natural breaks and lunch.
  • In-house team training is for up to 8 people. This number is limited to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to be involved.
  • Half-day courses can be run from 10 am – 1 pm or 2 pm to 5 pm including natural breaks. If you book the morning session and it’s likely to run into lunch – this can be arranged with the cost being covered by yourselves.
  • All course materials including folders, templates and worksheets used on the course including any hire fee for pre-recorded education videos are included.
  • Accommodation and third-party travel is charged at cost with £1 per mile for travelling by car.
  • It is your responsibility to provide suitable training facilities, refreshments and lunch – if you’d  like me to arrange this there is a surcharge of 20% on cost.
  • Cancellations up to 28 days before any training programme are accepted – subject to an administration fee of 20% plus any cancellation costs of venue hire etc arranged by us.
  • After this the full training fee will be charged. However, if you wish to reschedule a course I’ll do all I can to accommodate your new date.
  • All fees are due at the time of booking.

What ourClients say…

Carole and the Exhibitex team have been an excellent partner for WWMD in our quest to enhance and develop a better return on investment from our trade show exhibition activity.

Using her Exhibit Marketing Mastery training she helped us understand the changing landscape of trade shows and showed us more local and specialist show opportunities that were open to us than we knew about.

Her guidance and insight helped the WWMD team develop a new first class modular exhibition stand flexible enough to work around varying space configurations to meet large and small show needs.

I’d recommend Carole and the Exhibitex services to anyone who is looking into developing or reviewing an exhibition strategy that delivers.”

Barry Allaway Managing Director World Wide Magazine Distribution

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