Need On-Stand Training?

Did you know that not all trainers understand the complexity of stand staff behaviour. Ordinary sales training is NOT enough.

We all know that people buy from people, so this should be a major consideration when investing in your on-stand people training.

Too often training is mainly focused on the technical aspects of the project rather than on relational aspects.


“If the staff convey the company values – how they look and act – and pass that onto customers, then the company succeeds’ – Wally Olins

Attendees to a show, do not come to an exhibition to look at your stand design – they come to speak to people. They come for information, knowledge and insight into achieving an outcome for either themselves personally or for their business.

As they interact with stand staff what customers want first is a positive attitude, business with style and pleasant experiences.

Here’s a question…

  • How happy are you with your exhibiting results?
  • Did these results contribute towards your business growth plan?
  • Were individual and team targets achieved?

By working with us, you will discover how to:

  • create a positive impact ensuring that your audience feel respected, instilling trust and confidence
  • instil trust and confidence while creating a pleasant atmosphere for communications.
  • build the bridge from your booth to your business plan and explain why this is important to your team
  • select the right people to represent you on the stand using our APPLE formula
  • develop a winning prospect engagement process
  • up-skill & inspire your team to understand & deliver high performance exhibiting
  • gather real time intelligence from your competitors and industry peers
  • stand out from the crowd without making an exhibition of yourself
  • attract qualified prospects using compelling messages, words and pictures
  • create clear guidelines on how to represent the corporate values and personality
  • ensure your team have the skills and knowledge to represent you as Brand Ambassadors

On-Stand Ambassador TrainingExamples of Topics our Clients Have Chosen

Preparation & Planning


  • Understanding The Company’s Objectives
  • Why Personal Targets Matter
  • Crafting Your Captivating Introduction
  • It’s Not a Flag Waving Exercise

Trade Stand Etiquette


  • Trade Stand Management, Timing Rotas
  • Acceptable Behaviour, Dress Codes & Image Impact
  • Sore Feet, Back Pain, Diet, Odour, Sleet
  • Classic Do’s and Don’ts



  • The 3 Stages of Visitor Experience
  • Prospects, Influencers, Wannabees, & Timewasters
  • Qualification, Who to Spend Time with and How to Move People On with Elegance.



  • The 3 Golden Rules to Successful Demonstrations
  • Conversational Scripting
  • Piquing Interest
  • Describing The Seen and Un-Seen

Intelligence Gathering


  • Competitors, Press, Speakers
  • Fusion Marketing Opportunities
  • Affiliations, Joint Ventures & Collaborations
  • What’s “Hot” And What’s Not



  • Accurate Recording of Leads
  • Maximising The Marketing Materials
  • Obtaining A Commitment
  • Avoid making fish homeless

What ourClients say…

Carole consistently brings an innovative and fresh approach to all that she does. She is a great challenger of convention, showed amazing tenacity in training our team, whilst retaining all of the qualities required to be a person whom it is a pleasure to work with. I can’t recommend her enough!

Paul Westlake