Exhibiting Success: Stand Design and What to Avoid

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Stand Design and What to Avoid

Your stand design has one purpose, and one purpose only, to ATTRACT your IDEAL customers AND keep your products or services looking attractive. I know just how exciting designing a stand can be, and rushing straight in, without knowing what your goals are… is a costly mistake.

The main function of your stand is to achieve your goals and objectives. Everything in your exhibit space including, the exhibit assets, are tools for the staff to use to engage, qualify, communicate a message and obtain a commitment from the show visitor.

Before you can design a stand, you need to know how much space you’ll need. Are you collecting data? Providing demonstrations? Taking orders? Or selling products? Think carefully because these will need a different layout.

Attention-grabbing, show-stopping graphics play an important role in stand design, so avoid all unnecessary text and artsy fonts. Size really does matter when it comes to graphics, there’s no point having a graphic and attention-grabbing headline if no-one can see or read it.

When you select creative elements… avoid using gimmicks. A gimmick is a tactic unrelated to your message. The most powerful and successful stand attractions, themes, promotions and activities have a clear and obvious connection linking the creative with your sales message, product and service. Remember to watch your budget though; it’s so easy to overspend when your creative juices are flowing.

If you’re using giveaways, please try to do something different to those who turn up with high-street-chocolates-in-a-bowl, the-champagne-draw or the branded pens!

Use your imagination and choose something that represents what you’re selling, invest in something that will encourage the visitors to give you their all-important contact details in return for that giveaway.


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