Exhibiting Success: The Art of Attraction in Exhibit Marketing

The Art of Attraction in Exhibit-Marketing444 words | 2:20 mins

I often wonder when I come back from exhibitions why some exhibitors look exactly like their competitors – they forgot the art of attraction in exhibit marketing.

Why do they want to act and look the same? Because blending in with everyone else is another mistake some exhibitors make.

You see successful exhibiting is really all about standing out from the crowd being seen among a sea of “sameness” BUT to do that effectively you need to be yourself it’s not about trying to copy and mimic others BUT finding your own authentic style.

The Art of Attraction in exhibit marketing is all about grabbing the attention of the visitors, in less than 3 seconds.  That’s the length of time it takes to walk past the front of your stand, or your exhibition table!  So, if you’re going to turn exhibition selling into sales, it’s vitally important that your sales message, quickly captures your potential customer’s attention.

To do this, you need to make your stand all about your customer. Not about the product, service, price, you, or your company. It’s all about knowing exactly what your customer needs. Are you solving a problem for them, relieving a frustration or helping them get ahead of their competition?

Once you know the answer to this, you’ll be able to create a sales message that attracts them and draws them to you.

So, what essential information will the visitors be looking for? There are two key things they need to know before they buy, the features and benefits of what you sell.

Let me give you an example.

At Exhibitex I offer training over the phone. The fact that it’s over the phone is a feature. I also offer 2 x 1 hour sessions. That’s another feature. It’s how the training will be delivered.

Now, much more important are the benefits of the features. So, a benefit of my training sessions is they are over the phone, so you don’t have to waste a minute of your time travelling to sessions. Another benefit is, it’s on Skype rather than long distance phone calls, you don’t even have to get dressed – you can sit and talk to me in your pyjamas!

A core thing to remember in sales is “A confused mind says NO”, so you want to make sure that your features and benefits are simple and compelling, and don’t create any confusion or overwhelm the minds of your customers.

Now you try. When you list the benefits and features of what you’re selling out will pop the attention-grabbing sales message that will appeal to your potential customers.

Remember as well, if your message isn’t clear it could affect your budget and your return on investment.


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