Exhibiting Success: The Real Heroes of an Exhibition Stand are your Staff

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The Real Heroes of an Exhibition Stand are your Staff

We all know people buy from people they know, like, and trust. And nowhere is this truer than when selling face-to-face at shows and exhibitions.

You and your staff are without doubt the unsung heroes of your exhibiting success.  Without properly briefed staff, who know all about what you sell…inside and out, you could be pouring money down the drain.

It’s only you and your team who can turn “just-looking” conversations into profitable exhibition sales. It’s only you and your team who can turn visitors into long term and loyal customers.

So, does everyone who’ll be manning your stand have the skills and knowledge needed for their role? How far in advance will you start training them? Do they know how to deliver and sell your products? What words will they be using?

Did you know, in a survey by the Association of Event Organisers, seven out of ten visitors will be decision makers, and, they’ll make snap decisions on whether your company, is a suitable provider based on their interactions with one sales-person?

Imagine what damage could be done to your reputation if your team can’t answer questions on the features and benefits of what you sell?

Choose people who are experienced, committed, knowledgeable, prepared, confident, bold, enthusiastic and persistent.

If in doubt, use my APPLE formula… and make sure your staff …

A – Come with the right attitude.

P – Are pleasant, warm, friendly and approachable.

P – Have the product or service knowledge they need.

L – Like working face-to-face with potential customers.

E – Are experienced at interacting with and selling to customers.

Your team could meet hundreds of people, and thousands more could see your exhibit.  What will their lasting impression be? Your team, are a visual representation of your company brand, ethics and values, so it’s worth selecting and training the right people, and not doing this could be a major mistake.

Creating the right impression will make your follow-up process so much easier.



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