The Business Builder Series

Short courses to follow at your own pace – safe in the knowledge that HELP is only a phone call away

Who is it for?

The Business Builder Series of short courses are for people who don’t have the deep pockets of big business or the luxury of spending ‘other people’s money’, who don’t have the training or knowledge to run a successful exhibition stand – YET – but do have a great product or service, and plenty of enthusiasm.

The series will build over time and as each one is released they will be added to this page.  If there is a topic that you’d particularly like help with, please do get in touch.

Micro & small exhibitors say:

  • ‘I’m exhibiting at a Country Fair’
  • ‘I’m exhibiting at a Wedding Fair’
  • ‘I’m exhibiting at a Networking Meeting’
  • ‘I’m exhibiting at a Business Show’
  • ‘How can we attract customers?’
  • ‘What should I say to visitors’
  • ‘Do I give away free samples?’
  • ‘How to I promote myself before the show?’

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The Flawless Follow-Up Formula

Would you like a simple, straight forward and repeatable process that takes the hassle out of following-up and helps turn leads into long term loyal customers?

  • Do you dread following-up on leads after a show?
  • Are your post-show sales lower than you’d like?
  • Maybe it’s a member of your team who lacks confidence?


Stop sabotaging your sales process and start securing product sales and profitable clients – today!

Click the link below because “your fortune is in the follow-up”.



The Telephone Helpline


You’ve searched the internet, taken advice, read blogs and self-help books all designed to give you a fail-safe approach & boost your confidence. But you’re still puzzled by something? Need a steer in the right direction? Wondering which show to book? Maybe you need to know…

  • what questions to ask the organiser?
  • how to save money and not waste it?
  • how best to plan for the show?
  • what to put on your table top?
  • how to attract people to your business?

Tell me more about The Business Builder Series

Full details of the individual Business Builder series of short courses can be found by clicking the link underneath the box. 

  • Some courses are in the elearning portal
  • Some courses are via group Skype calls
  • Some courses are templates contained within downloadable PDFs
  • Some courses are free – pop you details in the box and you’ll receive 7 videos with hints and tips on ways to Multiply your ROI

Tell me more about the 'Quick Answer' Help Line

The ‘Quick Answer’ telephone help line is for exhibitors who need guidance whilst working through any of our Business Building courses.  This is either priced at an ‘on-demand’ rate or as a pay-as-you-use subscription service – both options are payable in advance.  You say how many hours you’d like to access the Help Line and we keep a record.  When you near the limit we will let you know and you can decide if you want to increase the access hours.

Unsure what to do? Want to know more?

  • No problem, give Carole a call on 01242 375717 and she’ll help you choose which programme will win you more business on the event floor.

"Multiply My ROI"

Find out what's working NOW, troubleshoot your existing strategy, and start getting the highest possible return on the time and money you invest in your exhibiting

What ourClients say…

The guides and templates made me reconsider what I was planning; so many great tips and ideas! Carole’s guidance was invaluable – having a carefully thought out plan really works. The results from the show were double what I’d hoped for.

Jane Mann Organic Beautician